General conditions

The following general conditions will apply on any booking.

a) Two categories of reservation requests are possible: Instant bookings (Book on line) and Request availability. In the first case (Instant bookings) you will receive an automatic confirmation message from La Dominante. You will not receive any further confirmation us, since this confirmation message is definite.

In the second case (Request availability) you will receive an email within two working days with the availability of the chosen apartment.

b) After receiving confirmation of availability of the chosen apartment the client should then make his booking by using La Dominante's secure booking form and paying the amount of 40% of the rental fee as a deposit. If the client intends to pay by wire transfer, the payment should be done in accordance with the instructions provided by La Dominante and in any event within 4 days of receipt of the above confirmation of availability;

In both case you will have to fill up the “registration form”. The information requested when registering is needed for the reservation management and is completely confidential.

c) the balance must be paid 20 days before arrival.

d) the booking shall be effective and binding on La Dominante, upon confirmation by La Dominante, by fax or e-mail, of the succesful credit card transaction through our electronic distance payment service or bank transfer of the above deposit or the whole amount; the outstanding balance, if any, will be paid by the client through our electronic distance payment service or bank transfer 20 days prior to your arrival in Venice;

f) all amounts made through bank transfer will be charged an extra EUR 20 fee to cover bank charges related to the receipt of your money;

g) La Dominante reserves the right to refuse a booking at its own discretion;

h) the lease of the apartment expires automatically at the end of the agreed term, as its purpose is to satisfy temporary holidays housing needs.


a) The cancellation by the client, for any reason, or by La Dominante, at any time, because the client's failure to pay the amount due in order to secure the booking, implies the payment by the client of the following amounts:

if the cancellation takes place 10 weeks prior arrival: 10% of total amount.
if the cancellation takes place from 10 weeks to 8 weeks prior arrival: 40% of total amount.
if the cancellation takes place 8 weeks or less prior arrival: 100% of total amount.

b) Please put your cancellation in writing to use by email or by fax on 0039 041 2415821.


a) In the unlikely event that it becomes practically impossible, for any reason, to deliver the chosen apartment, the client shall be informed as soon as possible and an apartment similar to the one already booked shall be made available by La Dominante to the client;

b) should another similar apartment not be available or should the client not accept the proposed change, the booking will be cancelled and the client be entitled to refund by La Dominante of all monies paid with no other liability.


The Security Deposit (the amount specified alongside the apartment rate) is required against any breakage or damages to the apartment or to its furniture and equipment caused by the client during the rental period. This is payable to La Dominante upon presentation of your credit card upon arrival at the apartment prior to occupancy.
Credit card details will be automatically recorded and subsequently cancelled by La Dominante as soon as it has been established by our housekeeping team that no breakage or damage to the apartment or its furniture and equipment has occurred during the rental period.


a) The client shall inform La Dominante of his arrival time at least 5 working days before your arrival;

b) La Dominante shall supply the client with all the necessary information with regards to the public transport available to reach the chosen apartment;

c) normal time of arrival is every day between 3.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m.;

d) Arrivals between 8.00 p.m. and midnight incur a late arrival fee of €50, payable in cash upon arrival. We do organize check- in between midnight and 1:00 a.m. with a surcharge of € 100 to be paid in cash upon arrival. Check- in after 1.00 a.m. CAN ONLY BE ORGANIZED UPON REQUEST;

e) the apartment must be vacated by 11.00 a.m. on the last day of rental period, if not otherwise agreed between La Dominante and the client;

f) upon the client’s request, La Dominante may arrange a private water taxi transfer from various arrival points in Venice (see below) directly to the apartment (or vice versa). Clients are requested to pay the water taxi driver directly at the end of each journey.

The following information and rates apply when booking a water taxi through La Dominante, until further notice -

- A water taxi is able to carry up to a maximum of 10 passengers and a maximum of 10 pieces of luggage.

Rates and supplements -

- From Marco Polo Airport to the apartment (or vice versa) - 120 euros for a maximum of 4 passengers. Supplement for each additional passenger : 10 euros.
- From the train station (Stazione Santa Lucia / Ferrovia) to the apartment (or vice versa) - 65 euros for a maximum of 4 passengers. Supplement for each additional passenger : 5 euros.
- From Piazzale Roma to the apartment (or vice versa) - 65 euros for a maximum of 4 passengers. Supplement for each additional passenger : 5 euros.
- From the cruise terminal at Tronchetto to the apartment (or vice versa) - 80 euros for a maximum of 4 passengers. Supplement for each additional passenger : 5 euros.
- From the cruise terminal Stazione Marittima (San Basilio) to the apartment (or vice versa) - 90 euros for a maximum of 4 passengers. Supplement for each additional passenger : 10 euros.

- A supplement of 10 euros per water taxi will be charged on all routes between 10 p.m. - 7 a.m. (each trip).

- Special requests made to the water taxi driver to travel to an apartment via the Grand Canal (when the apartment is not located on the Grand Canal or is normally accessed via a quicker/more direct route) may incur a supplement of approx. 35 euros per taxi (each trip).

g) upon the client's request, La Dominante may arrange a fully escorted car taxi/minibus + private water taxi transfer service from Marco Polo Airport all the way to the client's chosen La Dominante apartment (or vice versa).

This transfer option is only available to La Dominante clients by contacting La Dominante directly at when making a La Dominante apartment booking.. Rates which are per party and NOT per person are as follows -

Car taxi + private water taxi (seating a maximum of 3 guests with luggage) = €140.00 (one way).

Minibus + private water taxi (seating 4-8 guests with luggage) = €170.00 (one way).

You are kindly requested to pay the car taxi /minibus driver directly in cash (euros) or credit card for each journey (i.e. at the start of your transfer if arriving in Venice or at the end of your transfer if departing).


The owner or his/her representative shall be allowed to access to the leased apartment at any reasonable time during rental period for purposes of inspection and maintenance.

a) The number of persons using the leased apartment must not exceed the maximum stated in the relevant apartment description (available on this web-site) without the owner’s prior written consent;

b) pets are not permitted in the leased apartment unless explicitly agreed to in writing;

c) sub-leasing of the leased apartment is not allowed;

d) failure to comply with any provision contained in this section 7 shall entitle La Dominante to request the client to vacate the leased apartment immediately.


a) All extras costs are specified on the apartment’s listing available on this web-site;

b) La Dominante will deduct the cost of any unpaid extras from the client’s Security Deposit in the correct amount;

c) if the apartment has a phone, the phone meter will be read on arrival and departure and the exact charge will be due on client’s departure;

d) upon the client’s explicit request, additional cleaning services may be available to the client and paid separately, provided such request is made in advance as early as possible.

Introduced by the City of Venice Council ‘in order to finance tourism, maintenance of cultural heritage sites and environment, as well as public services’, the Venice Tourist Tax is a per night/per person tax levied on visitors staying at hotels, b&b, campsites and apartment rentals etc. in Venice.

It is therefore necessary for La Dominante to collect this tax from clients. Payment should be made in cash (euros) to your appointed La Dominante representative upon arrival at your apartment in Venice.

Important Note : this tax only applies to the first 5 consecutive nights of your stay (i.e. If your stay is longer than 5 nights e.g. 8 nights, then you will only pay tax for the first 5 nights) and is subject to the high and low seasons set out below -

Per Night/Per Person Per Night/Per Person
High Season* Low Season*
Adults (16 years +) 4.00 euros 2.10 euros
Children (10 – 15 years) 2.50 euros 1.00 euros
Children (9 years and under) No charge No charge

*High Seasons : 1st February - 31st December
Low Season: 1st - 31st January

If a client’s stay crosses high AND low seasons e.g. 3 nights during a low season and 2 nights during a high season, the client will be charged 3 nights at the low season tax rate and 2 nights at the high season tax rate.

Please contact us for further clarification if required.


a) The apartment will be delivered by La Dominante thoroughly clean and must be left in the same state and order in which it was delivered;

b) the person signing the booking form is responsible for the correct and decent behaviour of all the guests who shall use the apartment;

c) should any guest behave in an unacceptable manner according to civilised standards, La Dominante may request the client to vacate the leased apartment immediately.

The present conditions shall be deemed and construed according to the Laws of Italy. Any dispute arising out or in connection with the present conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Venice.


When making a reservatione online, you automatically enter into a contract with La Dominante. For this reason, we ask to read the following contract conditions carefully. The lease will be regulated by the following conditions:

1. The lease contract is drawn up for the period indicated in the order, with obligation for the tenant to leave the property with restitution of the keys to La Dominante by h. 11.00 a.m. of the departure day.

2. The rent has to be paid: 40% of the total amount is due at the moment of the booking; the balance is due at least 20 days before the rental period. For booking made 20 days or less before the rental period begins, the full balance is due immediately. If the client intends to pay by wire transfer, the payment should be done in accordance with the instructions provided by La Dominante and should be received within 4working days from the day of the booking.

3. The rented apartment is completely furnished and provided with cooking equipment (also linen). The household appliances are handed over in perfect using conditions and the tenants agree to use them with maximum care.

4. The real estate (apartment) will have to be used exclusively for tourist household needs and people mentioned in the booking form will be included with the Lessee1. Their presence will be registered by competent Authorities.

5. When the Tenant meets the La Dominante agent to collect the keys and to take over the apartment, as security for obligations undertaken by the present contract, he/she will pay to this agent a minimum amount of 400 € as a deposit. This deposit will be given back to the Tenant at the time of leaving, against check in the apartment and its furniture, with deduction of any possible damage or extra-charges. The La Dominante agent will not allow the Tenant to enter the apartment if he/she does not pay the deposit. If the Tenant anticipates his/her leaving, La Dominante will have to give the deposit back only against check of furniture and decorations, with deduction of any possible damage or extra-charges. In any case of leaving by the Tenant, he/she won’t be allowed to have his/her rent back, not even partially.

6. The Lessee declares to have checked the apartment mentioned in the present contract in the home-page of La Dominante website, to have checked all its characteristics, the booking conditions and the terms of this lease contract, to have found it suitable for the need agreed and to have taken it over with collection of keys, becoming the keeper. The Tenant has to give the apartment and its furniture back in the same conditions as when he/she received it. If not, he/she will have to pay compensation for damages. The Tenant has to respect the rules of neighbourliness, their application as well as the condominial rules. It is however strictly forbidden: a) the use of the condominial spaces that are not specifically pertaining to the apartment (cellar, corridors, stairways, the part of the garden in exclusive use, etc...); b) to keep any kind of pets (dogs, cats, etc...); c) to disturb the other tenants in any way; d) to remove furniture or any other object that constitute the apartment’s furnishing. The Tenant will not be allowed to make any kind of modification, innovation, improvement or addition to rooms and their uses or to existing installations without a written permission made by La Dominante. If not, the Tenants will be obliged to restore any change at their own expenses, under simple request by La Dominante. Concerning any possible improvements or additions made by the tenant even under La Dominante permission, the agency can keep them without any obligation of refund or compensation, and the lessee renounces to them expressly from now on.

7. The Tenant will have to inform La Dominante about any possible defects or problems related to the apartment or to furniture within 24 hours since the collection of the keys and he/she is obliged to give La Dominante the time needed to solve the problem. In lack of this communication, the apartment and the furniture in it are supposed to be given in working order, and the Tenant is not allowed to ask for any kind of refund or compensation. In any case, the Tenant will not be allowed to have any refund or compensation for any dispute presented after the end of the stay.

8. Charges related to services like water, light and gas supply, as well as condominial charges are paid by View On Venice.

9. If necessary, La Dominante has the right to enter the apartment for indispensable maintenance operations.

10. La Dominante has the right to visit the apartment and to bring visitors after having given notice to the Tenants.

11. The Tenant is not allowed to sublease or lend, totally or partially, the apartment. If not, the contract duty will be cancelled.

12. The Tenants have no pre-option right in the sale nor in case of a new lease at the end of the contract period.

13. The Tenant expressly exempts La Dominante from any responsibility for direct or indirect damage that may derive from cohabitants’ behaviour or others, gas leaks, toxic emissions, fire, flood, burst or other as well as for direct or indirect damage that may derive from Views of Venice agents, as well as for guiltless interruptions of services.

14. The subscription of the Booking implies the knowledge of booking conditions and of the present contract. It also implies their complete acceptance, without any reserve or exception.

15. The applicable law to the present contract is the Italian one. As it is not provided for in the present contract and for sake of clarity, the parties expressly refer to Italian legislation on the matter, especially to L. 392/1978 and L. 431/1998.

16. No changes to the contract will be allowed unless they are in written form.

17. Should there be any dispute regarding the contract the authority competent to settle the matter is the Judicial Authority of Venice.

18. La Dominante and the Tenant are mutually authorized to inform third parties about their personal data with regard to the obligations related to the present contract (Law Decree n. 196 of 30th July 2003).