Venice is one of the most famous and beautiful cities in Italy, with influences from Europe as well as the East. These influences can be seen in architecture, culture, history and food. In particular, Venice’s famous squares, such as Piazza San Marco, showcase the various influences.

There is only one square in Venice

When we talk about famous squares in Venice, the first thing we have to explain is that there is only one square in this town: St Mark’s square, also called Piazza San Marco. This square is called piazza, whereas the others are called “campi”. A “campo” is actually a field, and it indicates that these places were agricultural areas where livestock would graze. Of course, today you won’t find animals in the campi, apart from pigeons.

But that does not mean that it’s not worth visiting some of these campi, because they are beautiful and give you a sense of Venice you wouldn’t get otherwise. Find out which squares you should visit when you are in Venice.

Piazza San Marco - The main square in Venice

San Marcos Square

Venice’s only piazza is the largest square in the city and is known the world over for its beauty. San Marco is Venice’s main square and is lined with awe-inspiring Renaissance palaces from the 16th century. But the main attraction is St Mark’s Basilica, which has been built in the Byzantine style and might look a bit exotic to many tourists. It is said to be one of Europe’s most beautiful churches, with golden mosaics covering the inside.

There is no better way to enjoy Piazza San Marco than sitting in one of the cafés that have tables right on the square. The world-famous Caffè Florian is an institution that has been serving coffee and cakes in the piazza since the 18th century. But you better bring your big wallet or purse, because you can easily spend more than €10 (£8/$11) for a coffee. However, it is worth it to soak up the atmosphere and watch the world go by in Venice’s piazza. Off the main square is the Piazzetta San Marco, which is the site of the Doge’s Palace and leads to the waterfront, the Molo. Both are worth the short stroll.

Campo San Polo - Venice largest campo

Campo San Polo

San Polo is a famous square in Venice because it is the most popular venue for the Venetian Carnival. It is also the largest square after St Mark’s. It’s the site where, in the 16th century, Lorenzino de Medici was assassinated. So if you are interested in history, it’s a must-see.

The square holds the Church of San Polo as well as a number of palazzi, such as the Palazzo Tiepolo and Palazzo Soranzo. Today it is used for open air concerts and during the Venice Film Festival, you can watch screenings there too. So if you want to go where Venetians go, then Campo San Polo is the right place.

Campo Santa Margherita - Where the Venetian nightlife takes place

Campo Santa Margherita

If you want to experience Venice like the locals, then head to Campo Santa Magherita. Small shops around the campo invite you to try Venetian street food. Relax under a tree and enjoy some special delicacies. There is also a fish market in the morning, where you can buy fresh produce to cook up later in your holiday apartment.

Santa Margherita is one square in Venice that really comes alive after 5pm. Restaurants and bars make it the centre of Venetian nightlife. It’s a favourite place for university students as well as locals and tourists.

Campo Santo Stefano - Where bullfights were once held


Campo Santo Stefano is one of the largest squares in Venice. It is also known as Campo Francesco Morosini. Morosini was the Doge of Venice in the 11th century and lived in that square. The Campiello San Stefano is a beautiful Gothic church that is well worth a visit. Like other campi, this one is also lined by some historic palazzi, for example, Palazzo Morosini. In the middle of the square you will find a statue of the Dalmatian scholar Niccolò Tommaseo.

Stay in the heart of Venice

The best way to immerse yourself in Venetian culture is by staying in the heart of the city. Find out what it is like to live in this beautiful city, with its famous Piazza San Marco. Venice is the ideal city for a romantic break and with the perfect holiday apartment your stay will be unforgettable.

It will become your base to discover the beauty of this floating city, with its architecture, history and culture. Relax after an exciting day full of seeing the wonders Venice has to offer. Rested and re-energised you will be ready to head out again to experience the Venetian cuisine at its best. Stroll back to your apartment and let the day end with a cold glass of Prosecco on the terrace or balcony overlooking the Canal. You will never want to leave!