The gardens of Florence represent a lesser-known yet equally fascinating facet of this Renaissance city. In the shadow of its famous galleries and chapels, these green spaces offer a peaceful haven and a unique visual and olfactory experience. Florence, known worldwide for its unparalleled contribution to art and culture, also houses gardens that are true living works of art.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know to enjoy the gardens of Florence and experience this Renaissance city in all its glory.

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Top 10 Most Stunning Gardens in Florence

As we walk through Florence, we discover churches, monuments, imposing buildings, and gardens. Most of the Gardens of Florence are located in Montecuccoli, away from the urban centre. From there, there are some high points of the city from where you can see all of Florence, so take the opportunity to take the best photo you can.

Here are the 10 best gardens in Florence.

Boboli Gardens


The Boboli Gardens, located behind the majestic Pitti Palace, south of the River Arno, are a true masterpiece of Italian Renaissance landscape design. This vast green space is not just a garden but an open-air museum filled with statues, fountains, and grottoes that evoke the wealth and splendour of the Medici era. Walking through its paths is to step into a living page of history, where every corner tells a story of creativity, power, and beauty.

The Boboli Gardens offer not only a peaceful retreat from the bustling urban life but also a unique perspective on the artistic and cultural influence that Florence has had throughout the centuries.

Bardini Gardens


The Bardini Gardens are one of Florence’s best-kept secrets. This 19th-century garden offers a unique combination of art, history, and nature, with spectacular panoramic views of the city from its famous terrace.

Spanning 4 hectares, this green space combines the refinement of the Italian garden, the uniqueness of the Anglo-Chinese woodland, and the tradition of the agricultural park, offering a diversity of styles and flora, such as hydrangeas, wisterias, roses, and lilies. The Bardini Garden features Baroque, Victorian, and green theatre elements, so in addition to having impressive views of Florence, it also serves as a centre for exhibitions and events, marking its place in history, art, and culture.

Giardino Delle Rose


The Giardino delle Rose, or Rose Garden, is a charming green corner of Florence, known for housing more than 1000 varieties of roses. This garden, inaugurated in 1865, is further enriched with modern art sculptures, creating a space of beauty and serenity in the heart of the city. 

Located on Viale Giuseppe Poggi, in the Oltrarno area, this floral oasis is just below Piazzale Michelangelo, making it easily accessible on foot and offering a beautiful view of the city.

Iris Garden (Giardino Dell'iris)


The Iris Garden is a true paradise for flower lovers, especially during May when the irises, the symbol of Florence, are in full bloom. With more than 200 varieties, the Giardino dell’Iris hosts an international iris competition that attracts cultivators from around the world. The garden offers a charming mix of colours and scents, along with stunning views of the city from its privileged location near Piazzale Michelangelo.

Founded in 1954, this green space is a perfect place to stroll and enjoy nature at one of Florence’s most panoramic points.

The Garden of the Medici Villa di Castello


The Medici Villa di Castello garden in Florence is an outstanding example of Italian Renaissance design, created for Cosimo I de’ Medici by the famous landscaper Niccolò Tribolo. Characterised by its symmetrical parterres, water fountains, and statues that adorn the landscape, the garden serves as a testament to the wealth and power of the Medici dynasty. The highlight is the Fountain of Hercules and Antaeus, a masterpiece of Renaissance hydraulic art. The Villa Medici di Castello is located in a tranquil setting, offering a haven of peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Garden of the Medici Villa Della Petraia


Located in an elevated position overlooking Florence, the Villa Medici Della Petraia garden combines elements from various periods, from the Renaissance to Romanticism. Its gardens are a testimony to stylistic changes and tastes over the centuries, offering a rich variety of plants, trees, and spectacular fountains. The main attraction is the staircase adorned with statues that leads to the villa, creating an impressive visual impact. This garden invites visitors to explore its hidden corners and enjoy the panoramic views of the Tuscan countryside.

Giardino Palazzo Corsini Al Prato


Though less accessible to the general public, the Garden of Palazzo Corsini al Prato is a baroque gem in the midst of Florence. During special events and exhibitions, visitors can admire its elegant design, characterised by geometric parterres and a collection of classical statues. This garden is an example of the taste and sophistication of the Florentine aristocracy, offering a glimpse into the lifestyle of the era.

Botanical Garden of Florence


As one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, this place houses an impressive collection of plants from various parts of the globe, including rare and exotic specimens. The garden’s importance transcends its beauty, as it also serves as a centre for research and education in botany. Its historical greenhouses and thematic areas allow visitors to embark on an educational journey through the plant diversity of the planet.

Giardino Dell'orticoltura


Known for its majestic greenhouse “Tepidario“, this garden is a favourite among both locals and visitors. The greenhouse, an iron and glass structure dating back to the 19th century, is the heart of the garden and the venue for floral events and exhibitions. The Giardino dell’Orticoltura offers a space of serenity and is ideal for those seeking a moment of tranquillity in the midst of the city.

Giardino dei Semplici


Part of the Florence Botanical Garden, the Giardino dei Semplici stands out for its collection of medicinal plants, keeping alive the Renaissance tradition of studying and conserving plants for healing purposes. This garden is not only a place of beauty and peace but also a valuable educational resource that demonstrates the importance of plants in medicine and culture throughout the centuries.

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