About us
We take pride in ensuring that the beauty and history of our cities is maintained.
We believe that the most rewarding travel experiences are those where you feel the true spirit of a place, where you see and learn new things and where you feel immersed in the life of a city.
Our villas and apartments are in the heart of each city. They are in the most desirable areas and close to the most famous attractions. Your door opens to the bustle, colour and vibrancy of the place – the sights, smells and sounds. The restaurants, shops and facilities are all right there. You get to wake up to the city and experience what it’s like to be a local.
We do more than provide a wonderful base. We can provide insight and information about every place. We’ll advise you about the hidden gems as well as those that are known and loved. We’ll organise tours and events to help to see more. We will give you advice that will help you make the most of your stay. But we’ll also leave you to enjoy your time.
“We believe that to understand and love a city, you must immerse yourself in it. Our apartments and our services are designed to help you experience life as a local.”
the properties
Our properties bring together past and present, modern and heritage. They feel homely and comfortable but also stylish and luxurious.
They respect and celebrate the character of each building. They protect the elements and features that give personality and authenticity. They create places that are flexible and designed for modern living. They create spaces that are fascinating, beautiful and striking.
Whichever property you choose you won’t be disappointed. Each is finished to the highest standard and is thoughtfully designed to create a space which is striking and practical, providing flexibility for all the family. Each shares the same quality of furnishings and décor and is fully equipped with everything you need. Each features authentic, personal touches that create a warm and welcoming feel. Each combines contemporary design whilst retaining the heritage of the building.
Dimora Italia Collection
We own all our properties in the Dimora Italia Collection. We enjoy finding, restoring and bringing back to life buildings that have been neglected or overlooked. All are renovated, decorated and furnished to our own very high standard. All include everything you need for your stay and also some personal touches to make each feel individual and welcoming.
Chosen by Dimora Italia
These properties are not owned by us, but their owners share our high standards and passion for beauty and authenticity. Each of these has been carefully chosen by us for their location, architecture and décor. Each offers something unique and special for our customers.A stay in a Dimora Italy villa brings you closer to the city.

A stay in a Dimora Italy villa brings you closer to the city.
Every villa location is carefully chosen to put you in the heart of things – close to attractions, restaurants and the life and vibrancy of the place. From your door you’re immediately immersed in city life, inside can escape to your own calm and welcoming home.
our difference
Every property is designed and furnished to blend the traditional and contemporary. They combine modern necessities with beautiful design and personal touches, creating spaces where you feel at home but always connected to the city. 
Every guest is welcomed by a Dimora Italia representative who will help to get the most from your stay. They’ll introduce you to the city’s sights and its hidden gems. They’ll recommend special places and will help you to discover more.